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My Mother’s Secret of Longevity


My mom has found the fountain of youth I’m pretty sure. She is 70, has a full head of dark brown hair that she has never dyed and she doesn’t take any medications. To me, she is hope that everyone has a chance to beat their odds in spite of family history. I also hope the trend continues and that we get to spend time with this beautiful soul well into her 100s! 

So what’s the secret? It’s simple, but it’s not a path a lot of people take, or at least not consistently—even me. For the majority of her adult life she has been very active, gotten lots of outside time, has grown a garden, has eaten clean, and doesn’t over indulge in things like alcohol and sugary treats. Not complicated, but hard in the pace of life our society gravitates towards. Not to mention, the home garden is a lost luxury or rather necessity. Although I hope that changes. My big 2019 goal is to get one going and to eat buckets of home grown veggies. 

Why bother one might ask? Well if I’m breaking this to you, I apologize, but the veggies we buy in the store are a far cry nutritionally from what we grow ourselves. Not only does nutrition start leaving the plant the instant it’s picked, but a lot of produce is picked before its ripe. This is a problem because a lot of the nutrition comes into the plant in the later stages of growing. 


So here is my prayer for you! I pray 2019 brings you time to care for yourself and that somehow you get the gift of homegrown produce or at least local small organic farm produce. I hope this begins a legacy of longevity that you get to live out to the fullest! 
All my best wishes, April xo

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