I used to suffer from ADD of entrepreneurialism, no joke! In my 20’s I went from having a small handmade jewelry company to opening my own art gallery and wine bar combo. After running it very successfully for 5 years, I became disenchanted with the long hours and huge overhead–my rent alone was $6500 a month!

    I was about to have my first baby, and I wanted time freedom. So I sold my restaurant. However, because I have business ADD, my Etsy site was born just after my son. When I got tired of making things my Ebay store was created, which I enjoyed a good deal of success with for some time. Oh and I sprinkled in some investment properties, because I thought being a landlord couldn’t be that hard. Ha!

However, my time freedom problem was not solved!

I still had to schedule vacation–which often was spent getting a rental ready for new tenants. I really wanted more time with my kids (we have 3 now) and that’s when a brilliant idea hit me!

What if I became a certified health coach? Did that and love it, and I am blessed to be partnered with an amazing health products company. I’m so thankful my business travels with me–and I can really work from anywhere thanks to video conferencing and other amazing communication tools available to us today!

Although there was one last problem to overcome–finding clients, especially because we travel so much. That’s when I discovered an amazing way to gain clients without cold marketing or bugging friends and family, and it provided a way to leverage my time teaching people systems that could help them do the same in whatever business they are in! Win, win!

If this sounds like you..

or you are just looking for options to bring more freedom of time and finances into your life, I’d love to connect and see what could be a fit for you! My two passions are helping people reach and maintain optimal health, and mentoring people in creating their own successful business that fits their life and affords them more choices.